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My Event DJ - Events done the right way – your way!

Rita and Brad’s Wedding

We were at Rita and Brad’s wedding last night.  The venue was at Brad father’s lake house on Logan Martin Lake just south of Pell City.  The minister was an hour late for the ceremony :D.  The food was some great BBQ.  We cranked up the dance music, and everyone had a blast – including some of the grandparents.

Military Ball

Last night, we were honored to perform at the military ball for the 20th Special Forces Group.   Yes – The Green Berets!  We were at the Wynfrey in Hoover.  There was a formal dinner that included a single empty table, but it was dressed and had food as the others.  It represented the killed, MIA, and POW members of their group over the years.  This group – even tough are in the reserves, are not treated as such as they can be called up at any second, and are constantly in training to pass rigorous certifications as all of the other regular Special Forces Groups.  After dinner, they danced the night away.  I was honored to be in the same room with this elite group.  I know they have had to do and see things that I can only imagine.   Thanks to them and all others like them for their service and sacrifice.

Logan and Steven’s Wedding

We were at Logan and Steven’s wedding last night.  The venue was The Sonnett House in Leeds – what a very nice place!  The ceremony went very well and smoothly.  We then went to the patio for the reception.  We found out that the groom had danced to “Itsy Bitty Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” in a show many years before.  We played it and he danced to it again.  Everyone had fun and danced the night away – especially the Bride’s father.  The happy couple was then sent on their way to the Florida Keys on the honeymoon.