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Events done the right way – your way!

My Event DJ - Events done the right way – your way!

Savannah and Brian’s Wedding

Tonight we were at Savannah and Brian’s wedding.  The venue was The Sunset at Smallwood Farms in Altoona.  During the ceremony, the sun went behind a cloud and rays of light came from behind the cloud.  That was really cool.  The food was REALLY GOOD.  We cranked up our new sound system, and it sounded great!  Everyone had fun.

Kailey and Chris’ Wedding

We were at Kailey and Chris’ wedding last night.  The venue was one of our favorites – Iron City in Birmingham.  The people there are great!  The food was good – especially the dessert.  We cranked up the dance music, and the dance floor was full all night long.

Sarah and Tim’s Wedding

We were at Sarah and Tim’s wedding last night.   The venue was the Cypress Inn Pavilion in Tuscaloosa.  Beautiful place right on the Black Warrior River.  Tug boats with barges going by all night long.  The food was great.  We used our new sound system for the first time…. the subwoofers made a big difference.  Fun was had by all as they danced the night away,