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Events done the right way – your way!

My Event DJ - Events done the right way – your way!

Katherine and Casey’s Wedding

We were at Katherine and Casey’s wedding Saturday night.  The venue was the Clubhouse on Highland – a beautiful older artsy hose with gorgeous architecture.  The ceremony went well, and everyone was sent outside so the room could be flipped.  They then came back in and ate, and later we started the dance music.  The floor was full all night.  The glowsticks were a great addition.  Everyone had fun, and we sent the happy couple on their way at 9:30.  Good luck to them!

SCA Corporate Party

We were at the SCA corporate party tonight.  We do this for them every year.  It had a theme of “The 1980’s”.  That is right up my alley.  After the crew ate, we got them on the dance floor playing great 80’s dance music.  They danced the night away.

Emily Ann and Matt’s Wedding

We were at Emily Ann and Matt’s wedding on the 17th of September.  The venue was Inverness Country Club.  The food was great.  The Father /Daughter dance was to a song sung by the father of the bride.  The dance floor was full all night.  Everyone had fun.