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Events done the right way – your way!

My Event DJ - Events done the right way – your way!

Kallie and Michael’s Wedding

We were at Kallie and Michael’s wedding last night. The venue was Mathews Manor in St. Clair county. It was 39 degrees outside, and the idea was to keep them dancing so they would stay warm. Everyone had a blast and danced the whole time.

Jamie and Cody’s Wedding

We were at Jamie and Cody’s wedding tonight.  The venue was Flagstone Farm in Tuscaloosa County.  The wedding was in the barn.  For the reception we were out on the deck in the back.  They threw the bouquet and garter from the balcony.  They headed off with sparklers leading the way.  Fun was had by all.

Elena and Joe’s Wedding

We were at Elena and Joe’s wedding last night.  The venue was Avondale Villa in the Avondale area of Birmingham.  The ceremony was great, and we slid into the reception.  Late in the night we cranked up the karaoke, and everyone sang the night away.  Fun was had by all.