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Events done the right way – your way!

My Event DJ - Events done the right way – your way!

Sarah and Sam’s Wedding

We were at Sarah and Sam’s wedding this past Sunday – our 3rd wedding of the weekend.  The venue was The Barn at Shady Lane.  We kicked off the dance portion of the night – and EVERBODY got up and danced the whole night long.  I think this was the group that danced the most of any group we have ever done.  It was great, and everyone had fun.

Meredith and Ben’s Wedding

We were at Meredith and Ben’s wedding this past Saturday night.  The venue was ShelB Acres in Helena.  Ben’s had a really cool groom’s cake – that was 1/3 Yoda, 1/3 Darth Vader, and 1/3 R2D2.  It rained cats and dogs all night long – so we brought everything inside and danced the night away.

Tammy and Bill’s Wedding

We were at Tammy and Bill’s wedding last night at Park Place in Hoover.  The food was extra great!  The happy couple changed clothes after the ceremony, we cranked up and dance music, and they danced the night away!

Katie and Kyle’s Wedding

We were at Katie and Kyle’s wedding this afternoon.  The venue was Altedena Presbyterian Church here in Birmingham.  It was a very nice formal ceremony that was 35 minutes long.  We got into the reception ready to have fun.  There was good food and a bunch of different desserts.  We cranked up the dance music and EVERYONE danced.

Lauren and Drew’s Wedding

We were at Lauren and Drew’s wedding yesterday.  The venue was at The Waters community in Pike Road, AL.  They were married in the chapel, and we had the reception under a tent next door.  Drew disappeared for a while, and I had to explain to him – You are married now, and your wife must know where you are at all times….. ha ha!  We cranked up the dance music, and everyone danced.