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My Event DJ - Events done the right way – your way!

Lena and Miles’ Wedding

This past Saturday, we were at Lena and Miles’ wedding.  The venue was the Hoover Country Club.  The staff there is #1!  The buffet was great, and the cake was wonderful.  The dance music kicked in, and everyone danced the night away.  Fun was had by all.  We wish the happy couple good luck, and hope the honeymoon in Palm Beach went well.

Lauren and Coren’s Wedding

We attended Lauren and Coren’s wedding last night.  The venue was Marengo House west of Montgomery.  The house was built in 1836 – really cool.  The food was great – especially the salad selection bar.  After the cake cutting, we cranked up the dance music and everyone danced.  Especially Lauren – who not only danced to every song, but sang the words, too..  Fun was had by all.  Good luck to the happy couple.

Brooke and Will’s Wedding

We were at Brooke and Will’s wedding this past Saturday night.  The venue was the lodge at Mt. Cheaha.  Nice place decorated in the old art deco style.  The food was fantastic!  They cut the cake and we started the dance music.  The dance floor was busy all night long.  They were sent on their way with bubbles.  Fun was had by all.

McKenzie and Brad’s Wedding

We were at McKenzie and Brad’s wedding last night.  The venue was B & A Warehouse right here in downtown Birmingham.  What a beautiful place, and the people there are great!  The food was good, especially the Cajun chicken.  After the Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dances – we cranked up the dance music, and these folks danced!  They stayed on the floor for 2 solid hours.  Everyone – including us – had a great time.  Good luck to the happy couple.

Carley and DJ’s Wedding

This past weekend we were at Carley and DJ’s wedding up in Opelika.  The venue was The Limestone Springs Golf Club.  Everyone had fun.  It was a dancing group, and the food was great!  Good luck to the happy couple.

Carrie and Victor’s Wedding

We were at the reception for Carrie and Victor’s wedding this past weekend.  The venue was the Performing Arts Center in Tuscaloosa.  When we got to the dance portion of the night, they stayed on the floor until the reception ended.  We wore them out!  Fun was had by all.

COVID Shutdowns

As you know, the COVID outbreak has caused all of our events to be cancelled or rescheduled.  Things are starting to pick back up now.  We have a wedding this weekend.  YEA!  If you want us at your event, go to the Contact Us tab of our site and ask if we are available for you.  Everyone stay safe out there.

Allison and Jacob’s Wedding

Last weekend, we were at Allison and Jacob’s wedding.  The venue was Anjel’s Venue in Bessemer.  The ceremony was across the street at the Methodist Church.  The food was great, and they all danced the night away.  Everyone had fun!

Katie and Thomas’ Wedding

Last night we were at Katie and Thomas’ wedding.  The venue was The Lazy G Chapel and Reception Ranch in Union Grove.  All of the groomsmen wore kilts from the clans of their own heritage.  BBQ was served, everyone dressed up in the photo booth, and after the cake cutting we cranked up the dance music for everyone to party.  Fun was had by all.

Katie and Taylor’s Wedding

We were at Katie and Taylor’s wedding reception tonight.  The venue was Riverchase Country Club in Hoover.  The food had an Italian theme – and was great!  Shortly after the cake cutting, we kicked in the dance music and everyone had a ball!  We wish them a great honeymoon!