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Events done the right way – your way!

My Event DJ - Events done the right way – your way!

Katie and Kory’s Wedding

We were at Katie and Kory’s wedding last night.  The venue was the Avon Theater in downtown Birmingham.  The food was excellent!  We did the shoe game, and then slid into the dance portion.  The fight over the bouquet was interesting.  Everyone danced and had fun.

US Army Special Forces Ball

We were at the Green Beret’s formal ball last night.  We have enjoyed doing this event for the past 4 years.  The first half of the night is full of symbolism and structure.  The informal second half is where we kick off the dance music, and they dance the night away.  This is a great group, and we are honored to be there.

Stresscrete Christmas Party

We were at the Stresscrete Christmas Party last night.  These guys make tall telephone poles and cell towers out of concrete.  This was our 4th year, and we always have a ball.  We played Christmas music during the dinner portion of the night, helped with the door prizes, then cranked up the dance music and randomly gave away gift cards to the dancers.  Everyone had a ball.

Kim and Daniel’s Wedding

We were at Kim and Daniel’s wedding last night.  The venue was the 4H Center in Columbiana,  We first performed in the ceremony at the chapel.  We then moved everything to the lodge dining room.  There we did the introductions, first dances, and cut the cake.  After that we cranked up the dance music, and everyone had fun!

Allison and Nick’s Wedding

We were at Allison and Nick’s wedding last night.  The venue was Wingate Farms in Jasper.  It was a little windy and got pretty cool.  Bob Sykes provided the food, and there was a fruit wagon.  We got the dance music going and got everyone on the dance floor, and that warmed folks up.  Everyone had fun!

Brittney and Joseph’s Wedding

Last night we were at Brittney and Joseph’s wedding.  The venue was The Barn at Shady Lane in Bessemer.  The ceremony went very well.  The food was very good, and even had a sweet potato parfait.  They cut the cake and we got everyone up and dancing.  Went sent them to their honeymoon with sparklers.  Everyone had fun!

Allison and Brian’s Wedding

We were at Allison and Brian’s wedding last night.  The venue was Douglas Manor in Columbiana.  The ceremony went very well, and there was a live singer.  The reception was great.  Many guests wanted the bouquet and garter when they were tossed.  Everyone danced all night, and fun was had by all.

Savannah and Brian’s Wedding

Tonight we were at Savannah and Brian’s wedding.  The venue was The Sunset at Smallwood Farms in Altoona.  During the ceremony, the sun went behind a cloud and rays of light came from behind the cloud.  That was really cool.  The food was REALLY GOOD.  We cranked up our new sound system, and it sounded great!  Everyone had fun.

Kailey and Chris’ Wedding

We were at Kailey and Chris’ wedding last night.  The venue was one of our favorites – Iron City in Birmingham.  The people there are great!  The food was good – especially the dessert.  We cranked up the dance music, and the dance floor was full all night long.

Sarah and Tim’s Wedding

We were at Sarah and Tim’s wedding last night.   The venue was the Cypress Inn Pavilion in Tuscaloosa.  Beautiful place right on the Black Warrior River.  Tug boats with barges going by all night long.  The food was great.  We used our new sound system for the first time…. the subwoofers made a big difference.  Fun was had by all as they danced the night away,