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My Event DJ - Events done the right way – your way!

Savannah and Brian’s Wedding

Tonight we were at Savannah and Brian’s wedding.  The venue was The Sunset at Smallwood Farms in Altoona.  During the ceremony, the sun went behind a cloud and rays of light came from behind the cloud.  That was really cool.  The food was REALLY GOOD.  We cranked up our new sound system, and it sounded great!  Everyone had fun.

Kailey and Chris’ Wedding

We were at Kailey and Chris’ wedding last night.  The venue was one of our favorites – Iron City in Birmingham.  The people there are great!  The food was good – especially the dessert.  We cranked up the dance music, and the dance floor was full all night long.

Sarah and Tim’s Wedding

We were at Sarah and Tim’s wedding last night.   The venue was the Cypress Inn Pavilion in Tuscaloosa.  Beautiful place right on the Black Warrior River.  Tug boats with barges going by all night long.  The food was great.  We used our new sound system for the first time…. the subwoofers made a big difference.  Fun was had by all as they danced the night away,

Paige and Brandon’s Wedding

Last night we were at Paige and Brandon’s wedding.  The venue was Vulcan Park in Birmingham.  The food came from Yellow Bicycle – which is owned by George Sarris of Fish Market fame.  The food was great!  After the cake cutting we cranked up the dance music, the guests danced, and were also able to go to the top of Vulcan,  Fun was had by everyone.

Jamie and Chris’ Wedding

We were at Jamie and Chris’ Wedding last night.  The venue was the Executive Concourse at Regions Field.  What a great venue.  There was a side show of the couple displayed on the TV’s inside, and it was even being displayed on the JumboTron scoreboard in left field.  We cranked up the dance music, and the group danced until we had to quit two and a half hours later.  The couple left in a horse drawn carriage.  I think we had as much fun as everyone else.  What a great night!

Tiffany and Chase’s Wedding

Last night we were at Tiffany and Chase’s wedding.   The venue was Southern Psalms Barn up in Snead, AL.  There was some concern of the weather, but it never came.   The ceremony was outside, and the reception was in the barn.  Food was catered by Full Moon, and was good.  Tiffany wanted to get everything out of the way early – like the dances and cake cutting – so they could get to the dancing.  We cranked up the music, and they were on the floor all night long.

Nicole and Anthony’s Wedding

Saturday night we were at Nicole and Anthony’s wedding.  The venue was Red Gates at Kelly Creek in Odenville.  This was our first time at this newly built venue.  A family friend cooked BBQ for the reception, and it was excellent.  Everything went smooth, everyone had fun, and the couple left in a 1937 Cadillac.

Randi and Matthew’s Wedding

We were at Randi and Matthew’s wedding last night. The venue was Vulcan Park in Birmingham.  The ceremony went well and the couple was pelted with beach balls while exiting.  The bridal party had a dance off – the girls won.  Everyone danced the night away with the downtown lights as the backdrop.

Surgical Care Associates Party

We were at the SCA Coders Party Saturday night.  The theme was “The 70’s”, and everyone dressed the part.  The venue was the Hilton at I-459 and US Hwy 280 in Birmingham.  It was pouring rain outside, but they had a great turn out.  After everyone ate and after the door prizes were handed out we cranked up the 70’s dance music.  Everyone Discoed, Hustled, and did the Electric Slide.  They had a blast until we had to shut it down at 10:00 p.m.

Juliann and Chase’s Wedding

We were at Julianne and Chase’s wedding last night.  The venue was Creekside Meadows Farms in Morris.  The ceremony had a unique “hands” part that was very cool.  The food was great, especially the grilled chicken.  We started the dance music, and everyone hit the floor.  The couple was sent off with lavender petals raining down.  Fun was had by all.